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different types of home health care services

If you have never had a home health care worker in your home before, you may be a bit confused about what the worker will do for your family. The truth is, that different companies offer different levels of services. Some may include general care of the home as well as your loved one, while other will limit their services to just the patient. So, how do you know what services the company that you have hired will provide? My blog is all about the different types of home health care services that you may have to choose from for your needs.


In-Home Care for a Parent With Alzheimer's Disease: Is Earlier Better?

In any line of work, if an employee does a good job and is happy in their employment, their employer will want them to be around for the long haul. This long haul aspect becomes even more important when you're organizing in-home care for an elderly parent with Alzheimer's disease. Sadly, their condition will inevitably progress, although this degree of progression can vary significantly from person-to-person. Ideally, you'll be able to find a top-notch home healthcare assistant to help your parent through their illness.

Sooner Is Better

When your parent's Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed, you might want to hire an in-home care worker as soon as possible. Earlier can often be better, so your parent can have some input in the selection process, along with understanding why it's necessary. As their memory, reasoning skills, and general thought process will begin to become disrupted due to their disease, they might not be able to play such an active role in determining their own healthcare needs, which is why seeking assistance while your parent's Alzheimer's disease is in its infancy is the best scenario.

Creating an Early Bond

This early introduction of a suitable in-home care worker can be beneficial for your parent as their Alzheimer's disease worsens. In the early stages of Alzheimer's, the care worker can offer a companion service, assisting your parent with basic tasks. This creates a bond between your parent and their caregiver, allowing for a degree of familiarity which can be helpful as your parent's cognitive abilities begin to decline. 

Progression of the Disease

This bond will transition as your parent's condition progresses, and the care worker's role will become more intensive, meaning they will need to help your parent with more personal tasks, such as bathing, using the toilet, and other forms of personal care. Your parent might ultimately need more specialized assistance, such as physical therapy and general healthcare. 

Expertise and Skill

You need to be sure that any candidates for the position have the necessary expertise and skills to stay with your parent as their disease worsens. For example, you don't want to have to replace your in-home care worker once your parent's needs change. This is why it's important to hire someone who has the abilities and qualifications to handle every eventuality associated with your parent's Alzheimer's disease.

When it comes to hiring an in-home care worker for your parent, early intervention is the best way to choose a candidate who is willing and able to be there for the long haul.